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Continuous development and ambition to be the best selling solution on tablet for the gastronomy make a bunch of our trusted partners constantly growing. To provide a reliable and comprehensive service, we choose the best of the best.

Below is a list of authorized systems integrated with a POSbistro software.

Payment systems


Elavon is a leader in handling non-cash payments. Together with POSbistro, it creates a proven solution for card payment at restaurants allowing for proper transaction security as well as full automation of transaction processing. Elavon uses innovative terminals tailored to the needs of customers: the Ingenico iWL 258 WiFi and the Ingenico iCT 250. In addition, Elavon handles DCC transactions (automatic calculation of the purchase amount on the card currency) in more than 60 currencies.

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Paymax is a payment system integrated with POSbistro, dedicated for small and medium food services. With the Bluetooth technology, POSbistro sends the amount of the bill directly to the lightweight and handy mPOS Paymax, that the waiter has on him. After placing a payment card inside this device, a customer simply authorizes the transaction by entering a PIN code.

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UpMenu is a modern system to handle online ordering in restaurants. This solution gives the opportunity to create a website according to pre-defined patterns and then service orders. Thanks to the integration, all orders come directly to the POSbistro sales system giving you more control over the entire sales process.

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Kekemeke is a loyalty application that allows you to collect virtual stamps for purchases at selected restaurants. The total value of collected stamps in this app is almost 30 million PLN while the total value of presents issued to customers is over 2 million. Integration with POSbistro streamlines the management of customer loyalty programs.

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KWhotel hotel is the software which is used by hotels around the world. It has the most important integrations and a dedicated application that allows you to preview your booking. By installing POSbistro, sales data from the hotel catering facilities are automatically sent to the KWhotel system. Thanks to this, any information about shopping done by guests is immediately assigned to the guest’s reservation card. More info here

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