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One POS for thousands of possibilities for your business

You do not have to pay for additional features, everything is included in the price of a monthly subscription!

One devices eng
  • Take orders
    on tablet
  • Receive orders
    in the kitchen on a screen
  • Control everything
    from your phone
  • Generate reports
    at any time and from any place on earth
  • Manage the warehouse
  • Serve your customers faster with a dedicated app for smartwatch

Fast & efficient order management at your business

People want to be cared for in a restaurant. They come back to places where they have received the best service. With that in mind, we have developed a solution which lets restaurant owners and managers give their guests a new level of customer service.

Quick Service
Full Service

Take orders and process payments faster than ever before with one touch of a tablet from anywhere: at a counter or by a table.

You could also give customers the power to self-order at a kiosk. 1.

Automatically display each order on a kitchen's screen in real time. 2.

All information is sent to the cloud which allows you to collect data, generate reports and create loyalty programs.

An order is served fast and hassle-free. 3.

Waiters take orders faster than ever before with one touch of a tablet from anywhere: at a counter or by a table.

Information about the order appears automatically on the screen in the kitchen. 2.

You could also give customers the power to self-order at a kiosk. 1.

All information is sent to the cloud which allows you to collect data, generate reports and create loyalty programs.

The waiter is notified. 3.

A fast transaction execution thanks to integrated payment systems. 4.

Point-of-Sale system and much more

Manage your business from your phone with POSowner app

With our restaurant management mobile app, accurate data about your restaurant is transmitted and regularly refreshed on your phone, which allows you to:

Quickly view current sales statistics: what the day's earnings are, what is the number and the average value of the orders;

Gain insight into what the employees are currently doing, who is at work and who sold the most.

POSowner restaurant management mobile app

Give your guest the power to order online with DirectBistro app

Save money on commission fees by using our online ordering app, which integrates directly with your customer data and your kitchen operations.

Our app gives your customers the ability to order food online in the form of delivery, pre-order or takeaway.

DirectBistro restaurant food ordering app

Seamless restaurant experience thanks to POSpager smartwatch app

Use the latest and smartest solutions to delight your customers.

Our dedicated application on the smartwatch, allows waiters to receive messages about an order to pick up, table number or meal preparation time.

POSpager restaurant smartwatch app for waiters

Take phone orders seamlessly with POScaller app

Throw away the notebook for writing telephone orders. Get rid of the notes for the cook and the driver.

Integrated with POSbistro platform, POScaller app will speed up the process of taking and fulfilling phone orders on your premises.

POScaller restaurant phone orders management app

Serve more customers in less time with eMenu

Give your guests the choice to self-order with eMenu module.

Emenu tablet restaurant menu with self-ordering mode

Save time and eliminate mistakes with the Kitchen Display System

Working on POSbistro, a waiter takes the order and sends it to the kitchen, where it appears on the kitchen tablet or in the form of printout from a voucher printer.

This way, waiters don’t have to run back and forth to the kitchen, and chefs can improve the order preparation time.

Kitchen Display System

Speed up your delivery orders and optimize your workflow with POSdriver app

Our POSdriver app for suppliers aggregates orders and helps get the orders delivered to your customers as quickly as possible.

The app is fully integrated with POSbistro, which lets you manage the deliveries seamlessly.

POSdriver restaurant delivery orders management app

Full POS functionality on mobile phone

POSbistro POS app is available in a special version for smartphones.

This version of POSbistro app contain all functionality of the system, and have a special interface adjusted to small screens.

Restaurant POS smartphone app
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POSbistro mobile software custom made for gastronomy

  • Total control of your business

    Control sales process in your business, supervise your employees and manage each element of your business from anywhere in the world using just any web browser.

  • Clear and easy-to-use software for everyone

    No "technical" knowledge required. Your staff will not have any difficulties with using our software. Installation is fast and does not require expert knowledge.

  • Secure operation of the app even without Internet access

    Lack of Internet or the occurrence of power cuts does not affect the continuity of the sales in your premises.

We have been helping restaurant owners to serve their customers better and faster for over 5 years with over 10,000 customers worldwide…

"We recommend the POSbistro application for any business owner that wants, like us, to invest in modern and flexible solutions. Thanks to POSbistro we manage to serve our customers much faster and keep control over the stock."

Belgian fries

"We worked on other POS platforms before but POSbistro is the fastest and is a truly intuitive solution that anyone can learn how to use in minutes."

Food Revolta

"POSbistro allows us to keep track of orders being made in real time, order preparation times, as well as give us insightful reports on best selling items, best performing days and employees."


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