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PIZZERIA edition

You run your own pizzeria? Or maybe you are going to open it and do not know where to start? I think it's high time to read what the most experienced restaurateurs have to say!

We offer you a completely free access to valuable knowledge that will help you to avoid mistakes that often determine the failure of the business. Thanks to this guide you will learn, among other things, how to start your business planning, who ask for advice connected with the right choice of the restaurant equipment and which POS software for catering will be the best for your pizza restaurant.

With POSbistro and its industry partners, you will also learn:

  • what to do before starting your own business?
  • which specialists' services you should use,
  • what are the costs of opening and running a pizza restaurant,
  • how to advertise your brand effectively,
  • how new technologies, especially the POS for gastronomy can help you make more money,
  • which is better: a franchise business or an ownership?
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In the guide you will find, among others.:

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Running a restaurant is not a job for me but a true passion; it is my way of life. Only the one who understands and values his guests and offers them the best quality of products and service, will be able to survive in this business. The rest is the matter of good management and organization, which can be learned.