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In the media

"The high quality and modernity of the system was recognised by the ”Best Product of the EuroGastro Fair” award in the ”Software for hotels and restaurants” category." read more

Fakty TVN, TVN24

"Polish Internet users have begun a discussion that has been going on and on for a long time now. Whether it is appropriate to open a restaurant, a bar or a hotel exclusively for adults, where children are not allowed to enter?" read more

TVP2 - Pytanie na śniadanie

"There are plenty of kids-friendly cafes, bars and restaurants and there should be even more of them, but we cannot forget about the needs of those who do not have children or they do not want to have children and desire places free of diapers, toys, pacifiers and children's screams." read more

Wprost Biznes

"The most innovative features of the POSbistro system is that it works on any tablet with Android OS and its installation doesn't require any large financial outlays." read more

"Three days, hundreds of exhibitors, several thousand visitors and a great food festival. Cooking shows, culinary and coffee contests and pizza pastry rolling shows are not everything, as the outstanding exhibitors were also awarded by the organizers of Euro-Gastro fair." read more

"In this business, waiters often have to serve a lot of guests in a huge area. Mobile terminals allow them to improve their work, save time and dramatically reduce the cost of card payments." read more

"POSBistro is modern software for food businesses and point of sale which stands out on the market as the one with maximum mobility." read more

"POSbistro software is mobile, easy and intuitive to use but above all, is cheap. It also allows you to minimize the costs of installing the sales system into the restaurant; as it does not require the purchase of expensive equipment, such as large touch screens. All you need is a tablet. This is an innovation on a national scale!" read more

"Using the combined services of Paymax and POSbistro systems, means restaurant owners save a lot of time and money. They also receive the opportunity to preview the current lists of payments through virtual Paymax account, as well as use the option of on-line management of payments." read more

"POSbistro is a modern software, already active in several dozen catering businesses. Designed to support premises such as restaurants, cafes, pizzerias and bars." read more

"Employees can use a tablet to take, save and edit orders. In addition to the acceptance of orders, the app gives you the possibility of calculating discounts and promotions, monitoring the history of orders, preparing orders for delivery, and after connecting the printer, also printing bills and invoices." read more

"Although POSbistro software is relatively new to the market, it already contains most of the features offered by the manufacturers of stationary software. The company constantly improves the system and once a month through free updates." read more

"POSbistro software gives you a preview of the current payments list, so the restaurant owner can manage it online from anywhere in the world - says Grzegorz Forysiński, co-owner of POSbistro" read more

"POSbistro comes as an attractive subscription system, which on the market of traditional POS systems is a complete novelty." read more

"Honorable award for POSbistro company for modern restaurant software on tablets." read more

"Our sales showroom gives you the freedom to test POSbistro - an innovative software for the food business. On-site you will also see the modern equipment making your work more efficient, not only for the waiting staff but also for the owners. Professional consultants will help you to find the ideal set of equipment for the size and type of your business." read more